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If you like derivative-based puns, this is the place for you. Introducing 'Top of the Swaps', a podcast aiming to help multi-asset investors use derivatives to improve client outcomes, brought to you by people from across our team. 

Latest episode

Episode one: Mindful investing

Can the market provide the predictability anxious investors seek?

In the first podcast of the series, CEO & CIO Tom May is joined by Managing Director Charlie Parker to discuss the impact of anxiety, World Cup wins, and every day events on investment outcomes, and what anxious investors can do to find predictability in an uncertain world. 

Please note, this podcast is intended for professional investors only in the United Kingdom. If you are a private investor, we would encourage you to seek the advice of a financial adviser authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority before making any investment decisions. A register of authorised firms is available on its website.  The discussions in this podcast do not constitute investment advice or recommendations. Please remember, past performance is not a guide to future returns and that you should assume any assets discussed in this podcast can place your capital at risk. 

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