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Bespoke Investments

We know that our clients have varying needs and a range of different, sometimes complex investment challenges. Our customised solutions deliver innovative, and proven investment expertise, superior risk management and dedicated customer service tailored to the individual and specific needs of our clients.


​Our expert team relish the opportunity to work with you to design precise outcomes either through individual investments or bespoke investment mandates.


​In addition to the separate accounts we manage, partnering with our clients and applying our expertise in primary and secondary markets, we have originated and executed over £18 billion in derivative trades since 2008.


Find out more about the types of solutions we offer:

Webinar replay: What are derivatives saying
about markets?

March 2022


Our experts explain the way in which derivative markets and pricing can provide an informative lens through which the future behaviour of inflation, interest rates and other market dynamics can be assessed.

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Equity-linked investments have been at the heart of our client solutions since the company began. 

Usually linked to the performance of major equity indices, these derivative investments offer highly customisable risk-return objectives and are typically used to deliver outcomes such as fixed or enhanced returns or income at defined levels of risk and reward. 

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Autocalls offer the potential of a fixed capital return if the indices to which they are linked are at or above their starting level on given dates. They can also be configured to pay an income

The more popular version of an autocall carries the "Defensive" prefix as the level the index needs to reach before a return is made typically falls over the life of the autocall. This means a defensive autocall could provide a positive return in a falling market.

Typical structure for a defensive autocall linked to the performance of one or more equity indices:



Synthetics are designed to replicate a specific asset and give investors the flexibility to alter certain characteristics such as dividends. They have the potential to provide a fixed capital return or income at an agreed redemption date. 


Many investors add "zero" to the name as the payoff profile can be likened to Zero Dividend Preference share. 


There are several ways the fixed return can be achieved, for example observing an index level at maturity only, or alternatively accrue the return daily depending on an index's daily closing level. 


Typically, large institutional investors use them to create a position without having to buy or sell the underlying asset.

Feeling bullish? Want to Capitalise On A Market View?


Accelerators are considered alternatives to long only (active or passive) investments and are used by investors wishing to express a bullish view. They offer enhanced upside to the price return of a selected liquid, large cap index and currency exposure can be taken or hedged out. Additionally, there are options for capital protection at maturity.

Capped Participation

These sit somewhere between Autocalls and Accelerators and involve buying enhanced upside within a set market range (via buying a call spread), thus monetising your economic view.

Fixed Income

Our fixed income solutions give investors the potential to shape investment returns, duration and credit risk to meet their needs, while providing liquidity and access to companies and indices that might otherwise be difficult to trade. 

Our offering is centred around the provision of credit-linked-notes (CLNs) but also includes trades linked to CMS and Bond Re-Packs. 


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As derivative specialist we have a deep understanding of volatility, both actual and future, across a variety of asset classes. It is an integral part of what we do every day.


This allows us to build strategies for our clients that are designed to mitigate risk in their portfolio or funds by creating and shaping specific hedged positions across currency, duration and equity markets.

We also use hedging strategies in the Atlantic House Balanced Return Fund

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Want Exposure to Markets or Asset Classes that are Difficult to Access Efficiently?

Access or "Delta-1" investments aim to provide investors with exposure to asset classes they otherwise find difficult to access, as well as offering structuring solutions to logistical challenges investors face. Examples would include short-mid term Dividend Trackers, IPD Property Index and client specific Stock Baskets which can be traded in Note form more efficiently than the stocks held directly.

We also use some Delta-1 strategies in the Atlantic House Balanced Return Fund


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While mutual funds offer a convenient solution for many investors, shrinking resources, complex regulations and ever-changing markets are creating a demand for outsourced investment solutions. 

Our collaborative approach is focused on understanding the unique challenges, beliefs and goals of our clients and building innovative, flexible and bespoke investment solutions tailored to deliver to their precise outcomes.

Our experience of building separate accounts and investment mandates means we can offer insights and advice to meet your specific return objectives, risk tolerances and liquidity requirements. All of which is supported by bespoke and transparent reporting and servicing. 

Our team of relationship managers will be delighted to meet with you and explain our approach in detail.

Fixed Income
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