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Atlantic House Uncorrelated Strategies Fund Launches

Next innovative product offering is attracting strong client demand

Atlantic House Investments, a specialist in delivering predictable investment solutions for investors, launched the Atlantic House Uncorrelated Strategies Fund (the Fund) on 3 May 2022, with client assets of c.£30 million. The Fund aims to deliver positive returns across a range of market scenarios, while protecting the portfolio from significant market downturns.

The Fund will systematically invest across multi-asset derivative strategies that have the potential to deliver diverse and highly differentiated sources of return:

  1. Long volatility strategies aim to profit from rising implied or realised volatility and may also act as a hedge against extreme market moves, and

  2. Diversifier strategies aim to generate positive returns, in normal market conditions, regardless of the direction of the market.

By combining the long volatility and diversifier strategies, the Fund’s investment strategy has been designed and tested to have low correlations to both traditional and non-traditional asset classes and, as the name suggests, strategies within the Fund also have low correlations to each other. The Fund will invest in volatility and derivative strategies across components of equities, fixed income, credit, currencies, and commodities. This allows the Fund to access uncorrelated opportunities across asset classes, which is increasingly important in today’s interconnected markets.

The Atlantic House Uncorrelated Strategies Fund is a UCITS fund with daily dealing and while it is available for all investors it is specifically targeted at professional and institutional clients.

Tony Stenning, Chief Executive Officer at Atlantic House Group said “The launch of the Atlantic House Uncorrelated Strategies Fund marks the next innovative step in the solutions we offer clients. As with all Atlantic House funds, the inspiration came from listening to our clients, understanding their challenges, and finding innovative solutions that both play to our investment strengths, and which can deliver the outcomes they seek. The strategy has strongly resonated with clients, and we believe the Fund will be a compelling proposition for investors seeking uncorrelated positive returns, protection from extreme market falls and diversification.”

Tom May, Atlantic House’s Chief Investment Officer said “Atlantic House Uncorrelated Strategies Fund is a natural extension to our fund range. While the Fund is new, many of the strategies are already tried and tested by our Investment Team either within the Atlantic House Total Return Fund or in bespoke investments for existing clients. Our experience has proven to be attractive to investors and has been instrumental in building the Fund’s systematic investment approach while allowing us to test the portfolio across a range of different market conditions and macroeconomic environments.”

Tom Boyle, lead manager of the Atlantic House Uncorrelated Strategies Fund said, “We believe the Fund’s appeal lies in its potential for positive returns from the widest possible range of market scenarios. With risk assets, and markets in general, experiencing some of the highest volatility and complexity we have seen for some time, it’s perhaps not surprising the Fund’s potential for resilient, steady performance is attracting significant interest. I’m particularly excited that through the Fund a larger group of investors will have access to volatility as an asset class, which has historically only been accessible by large institutions.”


Visit our fund page for more information.

Important Information

The price of shares and income from them can go down as well as up and past performance is not a guide to future performance. Investors may not get back the full amount originally invested. The level and basis of tax is subject to change and will depend on individual circumstances. There is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve its objective.

This is a marketing communication. A final investment decision should not be contemplated until the risks are fully considered. A comprehensive list of risk factors is detailed in the Risk Factors Section of the Prospectus and the Supplement of the Fund and in the relevant key investor information document (KIID). A copy of the English version of the Supplement, the Prospectus, and any other offering document and the KIID can be viewed at and A summary of investor rights associated with an investment in the Fund is available in English at A decision may be taken at any time to terminate the arrangements for the marketing of the Fund in any jurisdiction in which it is being marketed. Shareholders in affected EEA Member State will be notified of any decision marketing arrangements in advance and will be provided the opportunity to redeem their shareholding in the Company free of any charges or deductions for at least 30 working days from the date of such notification.

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