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Standing at what may be a pivotal shift in the investment landscape, with a rate environment that could greatly diverge from the past decade, we adopt an investors perspective and critically ask ourselves the question: should we buy, sell or hold?

We were delighted to have hosted over 100 investors at the inaugural Atlantic House Derivatives Conference for multi-asset investors. 

Read all about it, and watch the video here:



The driving force behind predictability is our proven expertise in derivative-based investing. Our innovative range of solutions provide greater outcome- clarity and precision for clients.



We know that our clients have varying needs and a range of different, sometimes complex investment challenges. Our customised solutions benefit from  proven investment expertise, superior risk management and dedicated customer service tailored to the individual and specific needs of our clients.

​Our expert team relish the opportunity to work with you to design precise outcomes with defined risk and return characteristics,  either through individual investments or bespoke investment mandates.

About us

About us

Atlantic House was formed in 2008, with an unwavering focus: to help clients solve their investment challenges by delivering clearly defined and predictable outcomes.

We understand that clients’ financial goals are driven by the need to achieve a specific target outcome. That target  is unlikely to significantly change regardless of the ebb and flow of markets or the performance of a benchmark. 

That’s why we aim to create specific, predictable outcomes that help clients to confidently navigate  investment challenges in  ever-changing markets. 

Using our systematic and evidence-based investment methodology, combined with our extensive experience in derivative investing we have created a range of investment solutions. Each solution has been designed to help our clients achieve their long-term financial goals and shape a better, more predictable financial future.


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