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New Fund Launch: Global Defined Returns Fund

Atlantic House launches Global Defined Returns Fund offering investors global exposure and more ambitious returns

Launch broadens the Atlantic House outcome focused fund range

Atlantic House Investments, a market leader in defined returns investments, has launched the Atlantic House Global Defined Returns Fund (the Fund). The Fund aims to generate an annualised net return of 8-9% p.a. over the medium to long-term in all but the bleakest market conditions.

The Fund is an evolution of the firm’s flagship £1.7bn Atlantic House Defined Returns Fund, which has a 10-year track record for delivering defined returns. It utilises the same investment expertise and fund managers but is more global in its exposure, allowing investors access to global indices and portfolios, whilst offering more ambitious returns of 8-9% p.a.

In addition, the Fund integrates ESG considerations into its investment process, whilst protecting the delivery of outcomes to clients. The Fund combines a diverse portfolio of simple equity derivative investments linked to the performance of one or more developed market equity indices alongside high quality investment grade bonds, primarily treasuries.

The fund managers use a rules-based investment approach to take positions in derivative investments, referred to as “defined return investments”, that are linked to the performance of one or more large equity indices. Each defined return investment must deliver its target return even if the indices to which it is linked fall up to 20% and remain at or below that level over the life of the investment (typically six years). Moreover, individual investments will not suffer a loss even if the indices to which they are linked were to fall by up to 25% from their starting levels and remain there until maturity.

By using these defined returns investments, the fund manager can model how the fund is likely to perform in various market scenarios and over different time frames. This level of transparency and greater predictability should appeal to investors who seek greater certainty over their investment outcomes.

The Atlantic House Global Defined Returns Fund is a UCITS fund with daily dealing.

Tom May, Chief Executive & Investment Officer of Atlantic House Group and fund manager of the Global Defined Returns Fund said: “The new Atlantic House Global Defined Returns Fund is a natural extension to our fund range. The existing Defined Returns Fund is one of the largest of its kind, with assets of over £1.7bn and a primary equity exposure to the UK large cap market. The Global fund will benefit from having the same investment management team, processes, and approach, but applied to a more global opportunity set. With market volatility set to continue and interest rates increasing, new defined returns investments look particularly compelling.”



Atlantic House Global Defined Returns Fund

A Accumulation and I Distribution Share Classes

Minimum investment: USD 10,000 or equivalent in GBP, EUR, or CHF

Base Currency: USD

Type: Daily traded UCITs registered in Dublin, Ireland and recognised by the FCA

Capped OCF: 0.95% (0.55% AMC)

Atlantic House Group (AHG)

Atlantic House Group is London’s leading derivatives-based investment manager. The team is dedicated to working with multi-asset investors across the world to build more predictable, more resilient, and ultimately more effective portfolios. Atlantic House has a range of market-leading funds, including the £1.7 billion Atlantic House Defined Returns fund and the innovative Atlantic House Uncorrelated Strategies Fund. Alongside these, Atlantic House Solutions collaborates with leading multi-asset investors to build bespoke solutions to meet their own specific needs and reach the goals they have set for their clients.

Important Information

The price of shares and income from them can go down as well as up and past performance is not a guide to future performance. Investors may not get back the full amount originally invested. The level and basis of tax is subject to change and will depend on individual circumstances. There is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve its objective.

This is a marketing communication. A final investment decision should not be contemplated until the risks are fully considered. A comprehensive list of risk factors is detailed in the Risk Factors Section of the Prospectus and the Supplement of the Fund and in the relevant key investor information document (KIID). A copy of the English version of the Supplement, the Prospectus, and any other offering document and the KIID can be viewed at and A summary of investor rights associated with an investment in the Fund is available in English at A decision may be taken at any time to terminate the arrangements for the marketing of the Fund in any jurisdiction in which it is being marketed. Shareholders in affected EEA Member State will be notified of any decision marketing arrangements in advance and will be provided the opportunity to redeem their shareholding in the Company free of any charges or deductions for at least 30 working days from the date of such notification.

Press Office

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