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Building portfolio resilience with defined returns

At Atlantic House, our mission is to help multi-asset investors build better portfolios. By developing investment strategies that make use of defined return investments, we aim to improve the predictability of portfolios, and ultimately, empower investors to reach their goals.

We’re also passionate about educating investors about the systematic, derivative-based strategies we create, and the investment instruments we use to help us reach highly-defined goals.

As part of this, we are pleased to share a masterclass conducted by CEO & CIO, Tom May. Tom delves into whether defined returns are an asset class of their own and where they sit among the more traditional building blocks in a multi-asset portfolio.

Throughout the masterclass, Tom also explains how our flagship £2.1bn Atlantic House Defined Returns Fund is used by investment managers as an alternative way of achieving the equity risk premium more frequently, but the sacrifice investors may have to make to achieve this.


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