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An improved opportunity set for the Uncorrelated Strategies Fund

As the Atlantic House Uncorrelated Strategies Fund recently celebrated its two-year anniversary, we thought it was an opportune time to update investors on the fund’s performance while also exploring the improved opportunity set on offer thanks to a world of higher interest rates.

In this 30-minute webinar, the fund's manager, Tom Boyle, sits down with Freddie Blackwell, Distribution, to discuss the underlying strategies within the fund and how they may behave if interest rates remain higher for longer.

During the session, the team discussed the fund's aim to provide uncorrelated returns in normal market conditions and outsized returns during periods of extreme market stress, and examined how how the $412 million* fund has demonstrated the resilience of its structure. All this against the challenging backdrop of unprecedented interest rate hikes and escalating geopolitical tensions of the past two years.

Watch now to learn more about fund performance and future opportunities:

Fund AUM as at 20/06/24. Past performance does not predict future performance.

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