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Atlantic House Investments

Annual Review 2022

Atlantic House Investments, the leading defined-returns investor, reflects back on an extraordinary 2022 and tours the market to find the clues it offers asset allocators as they move forward in an uncertain world.

Investing when you know you can't predict the future

For most investors, the inability to be right about the future does not stop them trying. We are taking a different approach at Atlantic House. Instead of trying to pretend we know the future, we focus on the more manageable and realistic goal of making that future just a little bit less uncertain.


We build investment products acknowledging that whilst we don’t know where the market is going we are able to say with a high level of confidence how our investments will behave in a variety of different market conditions.

As we enter 2023, we showcase here what is on offer from us for investors who wish to build predictability into their portfolios. We will see how the expected return on our Defined Returns fund is higher than it has been for some time. We will also examine how the strong correlations that we have seen over the past year can be tackled to find genuine diversifiers with our Uncorrelated Strategies fund. 

We hope that you find these investments valuable as you seek to build resilient multi-asset portfolios.


The hidden maths of the derivatives markets

"Instead of trying to pretend we know the future, we focus on the more manageable and realistic goal of making that future just a little bit less uncertain."

Chief Executive & Chief Investment Officer, Tom May, explains that following the hidden maths of the derivatives market unlocks powerful signals for investors.

Pursuing Defined Returns in 2023

"2022 has seen the Defined Returns Fund rise in value, in a year when most traditional assets have struggled."

Fund Manager, Tom Boyle, explains how Atlantic House will continue to deliver defined returns in the year ahead.

What does 2023 hold for expected returns?

"We are excited by the opportunity we see in front of us."

Our expected returns model estimates future returns across global asset classes, Fahad Hassan, Chief Investment Officer at Albemarle Street Partners explains.

"Derivatives are rather unique in what they offer to investors. This naturally brings with it complexity, but also opportunity."

The hunt for uncorrelated returns

Last year it felt like diversification broke, with major asset classes following together. But were there any sources of genuine diversification exposed by the crisis and where can we find more in 2023? 

Three derivative signals every multi-asset investor should study

"If our mild winter continues, the swaps market says inflation will gradually decline in 2023 to settle slightly above target."