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Fund In Focus:

Atlantic House Total Return Fund

An innovative, highly diversified multi-asset portfolio aiming to provide a positive, predictable annualised return of cash+4% p.a., with half the volatility of equities, over the medium-to-long term.


We’re very pleased to confirm that as at 5 December 2021, the Atlantic House Total Return Fund has a 3-year track record.  In recognition of this important milestone, here are 3 reasons to consider the Fund.

1. Diversification

The investment approach is characterised by four key strategies, each designed to serve a distinct purpose in the portfolio. Together, their combined objective is to deliver a highly diversified solution for today’s unpredictable markets.

2. Volatility

Rather than viewing volatility as a problem, we look at it in a different way.

The Fund uses an innovative volatility overlay seeking genuine diversification
and to help safeguard returns.

3. Predictability

Forming the foundation of the portfolio, around half of the Fund is invested in a series
of government-bond-backed derivative instruments, providing exposure to equity-like returns with transparency and predictability.

This is a marketing communication. A final investment decision should not be contemplated until the risks, which can be found in the Supplement, the Prospectus and KIID are fully considered

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